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Part IV: Collaboration, Workflow, Task M... > Establishing a Collaborative Authori...

Chapter 19. Establishing a Collaborative Authoring Environment

by Paul Colligan

In this chapter

A Collaborative Authoring Environment

The Development Environment

Checking Documents In and Out


Assigning Documents


Designers Corner

As the requirements of Web design become more and more elaborate, the concept of the lone Webmaster or Webmistress quickly becomes as antiquated as the Gopher server or version 1.0 of anything. Today the complexities and requirements of Web development require a team effort.

The individualistic nature and tendencies of programmers and authors makes the process of team development a difficult one. In the instant reply and always on world of the Internet, developers seem to always want to go their own way and work under their own terms using the programs and techniques that they know best. Controlling a group of authors, programmers and developers has understandably been likened to herding cats but must be done none the less. This chapter will cover the process of developing the workflow process for developing a Web collaboratively using the technology provided by FrontPage 2000 to do just that.

While people have been working on the Web in teams for years now, the software has finally caught up to this trend. There are a number of tools provided by FrontPage 2000 that, when implemented properly, can make the process possible and successful. This chapter examines them and then shows you how to use them.

Also in this chapter you look at the process of setting up a web project utilizing the collaborative tools provided by FrontPage 2000. The human bandwidth (personnel and time) issues that go into such a project and how to deal with those issues are examined as well.



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