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Chapter 10. Two Versions Within One Document

Chapter 10. Two Versions Within One Document

Remember the days when creating two versions of a document with only a few unique differences meant maintaining two separate document files? Have you thought there had to be a better way to route documents electronically, collect reviewer comments, and maintain the documents easily? FrameMaker’s powerful array of conditional text features allows you to do just that.

Conditional text offers you something unique: the ability to easily create and maintain more than one version of a document contained within one document file. Each document version is distinctive from the other with the exception of common text, tables, figures, and other elements that are shared by all versions. This common information is referred to as unconditional text.

In this chapter, you learn the concepts behind conditional text, appropriate uses, and how to create and implement conditional text in your documentation projects. This chapter focuses on two varieties of conditional text documents:

  • Reviewer commented document: Planning, creating, applying, and working with condition tags and merging two conditional text documents.

  • Two unique versions of one document: Planning and working with conditional tags in more-complicated documents.

After you discover the various ways in which conditional text has an effect on your document, you will be better equipped to plan your FrameMaker documents or work more effectively within the provided template. It’s likely that, after you finish this chapter, you’ll find even more creative ways to utilize conditional text in your documents.



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