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Chapter 9. Indexing > Working with Static Text - Pg. 202

Indexing <Emphasis>Section <$paranumonly> on the IX index page produces the following: Color Definitions Pantone Section 9.1.2 Trumatch Section 9.2.1 in the index list. 202 Working with Static Text Note For more information, see the section "Working with Static Text" in Chapter 8, "Creating Tables of Contents and Other Lists." FrameMaker contributes greatly to the speed and efficiency with which you can create an index because you can update an index at any time with new information in source documents in just a few seconds, or minutes. The paragraph tags assigned to items in the index list contain the IX suffix. This suffix is automatically added to each index entry-level paragraph. This means that, each time you update the Index, FrameMaker replaces all the information in the list tagged with paragraph tags that contain the IX suffix. If you want to include a title in the index that remains static each time you update the index list, you must tag it with a paragraph tag that does not have a IX suffix. There is always a catch. In this case, if you include static text in between index list items, that static text remains in the file after it's updated, but will appear just before the start of the index list. It's no