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Chapter 7. Using Pictures in Web Pages > Using Background Pictures - Pg. 91

Using Pictures in Web Pages 91 Figure 7-3. When you save pages with pictures that aren't in GIF or JPEG format, you'll see the Save Embedded Files dialog box, where you can accept or change the conversion settings. Using Background Pictures FrontPage not only allows you to insert pictures into pages, but also lets you make pictures the backgrounds for pages. The best background pictures help pages stand out, yet aren't distracting. Generally, you'll want all the pages in your site to use the same background picture. This will ensure your site has a consistent look from page to page. One way to apply a background is to use a FrontPage theme. With themes, the theme settings control which background is used, and you can only modify the background by changing the theme settings, as discussed in Chapter 5, "Enhancing Design with Themes." If you don't want to use themes, you can assign background pictures to pages individually, which is the technique we dis- cuss in this section. To set a background picture for pages individually, complete the following steps: 1. 2. Open a page for editing in FrontPage, and then display the Page Properties dialog box by selecting File, Properties. On the Formatting tab, select the Background Picture check box, as shown in Figure 7-4, and then click Browse.