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Viewing Web Site Files and Folders in Different Ways

FrontPage 2003 also provides different ways to view and work with Web sites. Views you can choose from include:

  • Folders Lists all files and folders associated with the current Web site. You can sort file and folder listings by name, title, size, type, modification date, editor and comments. Double-clicking a folder allows you to browse its contents. Double-clicking a file opens it for editing.

  • Remote Web Site Lets you publish local files to a remote Web site. You can view the publish status, quickly synchronize files, optimize HTML source as you publish pages, and more.

  • Reports Enables you to manage and analyze site content, using reports. Site Summary, the top-level report, provides a summary entry for all available reports. Click a report title to access the report details.

    Aha! Access Individual Reports

    Use the Reports selection menu to access individual reports directly. You’ll find this selection menu in the upper left corner, just below the row of tabs.

  • Navigation Displays the navigation structure of the Web site. Typically, this structure branches out from the site’s home page. To view various levels of the site hierarchy, expand the view by clicking the plus nodes (+). Later, you can collapse the view by clicking the minus nodes (-).

  • Hyperlinks Allows you to see links to and from selected pages. To take advantage of this view, select a page in any of the other views, then access this view.

  • Tasks Enables you to create and manage to-do list tasks for the current Web site. Tasks are listed by status, name, assignment, priority, association, modification date and description. Right-click in the viewing area and select Add Task to create a new task.



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