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What’s New in Microsoft Office FrontPage 2003

What’s New in Microsoft Office FrontPage 2003

You’ll notice some changes as soon as you start Microsoft Office FrontPage 2003. Many of the familiar program elements have been reorganized to give you better access to the features you use most, and many new features have been added to make it easier to create excellent functional Web sites.

Many of the features that are new or improved in this version of FrontPage won’t be apparent to you until you start using the program. To help you quickly identify features that are new or improved with this version, this book uses the icon in the margin the first time those features are discussed or shown.

The following table lists the new features that you might be interested in, as well as the chapters in which those features are discussed.

To learn how toUsing this featureSee
Easily publish entire Web sites or specific files to a local folder or Web serverRemote Web Site viewChapter 1 Chapter 10
Reduce the size of a page file when publishing it, by removing extraneous white space and unnecessary formattingOptimize HTMLChapter 1 Chapter 10
Switch between page views and site viewsWeb Site tabChapter 1
Work with Web pages in Design view, Code view, Split view, and Preview viewWeb page viewsChapter 1
Simultaneously view the layout and HTML code of your Web pageSplit viewChapter 1
Check your Web site against standard guidelines for accessibilityAccessibility checkingChapter 2
See how your Web site will look in different Web browsers or at various screen resolutionsBrowser and resolution reconciliationChapter 2
Apply new cascading style sheet-based themesImproved themesChapter 5
Control the layout of your Web pageLayout tables and cellsChapter 6
Add professionally designed buttons to your Web pageInteractive ButtonsChapter 7
Add Macromedia Flash content to your FrontPage Web siteMacromedia Flash supportChapter 7
Use ready-made scripting options to add functionality to your Web pageBehaviorsChapter 7
Quickly select the contents of any HTML tag in your Web page, from Design view, Code view, or Split viewQuick Tag SelectorChapter 7
Provide feedback on your FrontPage usage to MicrosoftImproving quality for the customerChapter 11
Save frequently used code snippets for easy retrievalCode snippetsChapter 11
Customize the ruler and grid optionsPage rulers and layout gridChapter 11
Automatically complete or insert code elementsIntelliSenseChapter 11

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