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Chapter 1. Understanding How FrontPage W... > Looking at a Web Site in Various Way...

Looking at a Web Site in Various Ways

At the bottom of the working area, FrontPage 2003 provides six buttons for switching among different views of a Web site:

  • Folders view displays the visible files and folders that are part of the open Web site. For each file, this view shows the file name, page title, file size, file type, the date the file was last modified and by whom, and any comments that have been added to the file information.

  • Remote Web Site view displays information about the published version of your Web site, so you can see the local and remote file structures simultaneously, similar to the view displayed by traditional File Transfer Protocol (FTP) programs. You can manipulate local and remote files and folders from this view.

    Remote Web Site view

  • Reports view displays any of the 31 available basic reports about the open Web site. Reports view defaults to the last opened report. If no report has been open during the current FrontPage session, the default is a Site Summary report that collates the results of the other reports. To view one of the reports that make up the Site Summary, click the hyperlinked report name. The various reports can be chosen from the View menu or from the Reporting toolbar.

  • Navigation view graphically displays a hierarchical view of all the files that have been added to the navigation structure of the open Web site. To add an existing file to the navigation structure, you simply drag the file into the Navigation view window, and drop it in the appropriate location. You can also create new files directly within Navigation view. To fit the site content into the window, you can switch between Portrait mode (vertical layout) and Landscape mode (horizontal layout) or zoom in or out using the buttons on the Navigation toolbar.

  • Hyperlinks view displays the hyperlinks to and from any selected page in the open Web site. Internal hyperlinks are shown as well as external hyperlinks and e-mail hyperlinks. You select a file in the Folder List to see the hyperlinks to and from that file, and then select the plus sign next to any file name to further expand the view.

  • Tasks view displays a list of tasks to be completed in the open Web site. FrontPage creates these tasks when you use a wizard to create a Web site, or you can create your own tasks. For each task, you see the status, name, and description. You can also see to whom the task is assigned; whether the task has been categorized as High, Medium, or Low priority; and when the task was last modified. Tasks are a useful way of tracking the readiness of a site.



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