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Creating a Photo Gallery

Companies like The Garden Company often want to include photo galleries in their Web sites—sometimes of products, sometimes of offices or other company buildings, or sometimes of key people whom Web visitors will deal with. To create a photo gallery by hand, you can simply add your pictures to a page, format them as thumbnails, and arrange them the way you want them.

FrontPage offers an even easier method. You can use the Photo Gallery Web component to quickly and easily create an attractive display of personal or business photos or images. You can choose from four styles, arranging your pictures either horizontally, vertically, in a tableau-style montage, or in a slideshow. With the Photo Gallery Web component, you can add captions and descriptions to your images and update the layout and content in seconds.

About Web Components

FrontPage 2003 offers many exciting, ready-made Web components that can be added to a Web page to give your site extra zing with very little effort.

FrontPage Web components range from decorative to informative to downright useful, and they are one of the most appealing aspects of the program. Any FrontPage-savvy designer can use Web components, such as hit counters, photo galleries, and link bars, to create a well-programmed, fully functional site without ever having to do any actual programming.

In this exercise, you will create a photo gallery in an existing Web site using the Photo Gallery Web component. The photos used in this exercise are from the Carnivorous Plant Database at www.omnisterra.com/bot/cp_home.cgi and are used by permission of the database owner.

USE the plant1 through plant12 photographs in the practice file folder for this topic. These practice files are located in the My Documents\Microsoft Press\FrontPage 2003 SBS\Pictures\PhotoGallery folder and can also be accessed by clicking Start/All Programs/Microsoft Press/FrontPage 2003 Step By Step.

OPEN the GardenCo Web site.

On the Standard toolbar, click the Create a new normal page button to open a new page.

On the Insert menu, click Web Component.

The Insert Web Component dialog box appears.

In the Insert Web Component dialog box, click Photo Gallery.

The photo gallery options appear in the display window.

In the Choose a Photo Gallery Option box, click each of the four options, and read the description that appears in the pane.

Select the Montage Layout option (the second option in the top row), and click Finish.

The Photo Gallery Properties dialog box appears so you can add photos to the photo gallery.


If you later change your mind about the layout of your photo gallery, simply right-click the Photo Gallery Web component in Page view, and click Photo Gallery Properties on the shortcut menu to display the Photo Gallery Properties dialog box. On the Layout tab, select a different layout option, and click OK to reformat your photo gallery.

Click Add, and then click Pictures from Files.

Browse to the My Documents\Microsoft Press\FrontPage 2003 SBS\Pictures\PhotoGallery folder, where you’ll find 12 photos of carnivorous plants.

Click the plant1 file, hold down the Shift key, and then click the plant12 file.

All 12 photos are selected.

Click the Open button.

FrontPage imports the pictures into the photo gallery and displays them in the Photo Gallery Properties dialog box.

In the file list, click plant1.jpg.

In the Caption box, type Four Deadly Beauties.

Select the Override and use custom font formatting option.

Select the text in the Caption box.

In the Font drop-down list, click Georgia.

In the Font Size drop-down list, click 2 (10 pt).

In the Font Color drop-down list, click the Purple square.

Click the Bold button.

Click OK to close the Photo Gallery Properties dialog box and generate the photo gallery.

On the Standard toolbar, click the Preview in Browser button to preview the file in your default browser and window size. When prompted to do so, save the page file with the name Gallery.htm and the embedded graphics with their default names.

Pretty impressive for a few minutes’ work!

Click the thumbnail graphics to open the full-size version, and then click the browser’s Back button to return to the photo gallery.

When you’re done admiring your work, close the browser to return to FrontPage.

CLOSE the practice file, saving your work if you want, and then close the GardenCo Web site.

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