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Chapter 4. Enhancing Your Web Site with Graphics

Chapter 4. Enhancing Your Web Site with Graphics

Chapter 4 at a Glance

In this chapter you will learn to:

Add pictures to a Web page.

Edit and format pictures.

Create and display thumbnails.

Add a line, shape, or drawing to a Web page.

Create a photo gallery.

Add fancy text to a Web page.

You can do a lot to get your message across and increase the appeal of your Web pages by using well-crafted language and by formatting words and paragraphs to good effect. However, there are times when no matter how you format your text, it is not enough to grab the attention of your visitors and to make your Web site stand out from all the others.

At times like these, you need the pizzazz that pictures and other graphic images can add to your pages. With Microsoft Office FrontPage 2003, you can insert a variety of graphic elements, including clip art, picture files, scanned images, drawings, shapes, WordArt objects, and videos.

It is safe to assume that a large part of the appeal of The Garden Company’s Web site, which is used as the example for most of the exercises in this book, would be pictures of plants, “idea” shots of gardens to provide inspiration, garden bed designs, and other visually enticing elements. No amount of text will do the trick for a Web site that is about things you have to see to appreciate, just as no amount of text can possibly substitute for a music clip on a site dedicated to a particular band or genre of music.

To make The Garden Company’s Web site visually appealing, you would need to use graphics judiciously, carefully selecting an appropriate style and exercising some restraint to avoid a confusing effect. Because you will learn how to add a wide variety of graphic elements in this chapter, you will use the GardenCo Web site only when it’s appropriate, practicing otherwise on a new page that you can discard when you’re through with it.

See Also

Do you need only a quick refresher on the topics in this chapter? See the Quick Reference entries on pages xxiv–xxvii.


Before you can use the practice files in this chapter, you need to install them from the book’s companion CD to their default location. See “Using the Book’s CD-ROM” on page xiii for more information.

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