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Chapter 6. Changing Web Page Layout > Laying Out Web Pages with Tables - Pg. 143

Changing Web Page Layout Lay out Web pages with tables. Create a Web page template. Assemble a Web site from a page template. Create a frames page. Lay out Web pages with frames. 143 Microsoft Office FrontPage 2003 includes a variety of templates and wizards that produce Web sites of varying complexity and sophistication. When you are anxious to quickly establish a Web presence for yourself, your business, or your group or organization, you can use these ready-made sites to launch a site that will do a creditable job. If the layout of a predefined site does not quite meet your needs, you can customize it in a few simple ways to make it appropriate. However, without deeper knowledge of how the site is put together, you risk "breaking" the site if you attempt more fundamental structural changes. To allow you to create sophisticated-looking sites with apparent ease, FrontPage shields you from a lot of the com- plex underpinnings that make the site work correctly. Making a structural change without under- standing its implications might cause unexpected results. To give you a better understanding of the way many professional Web sites are put together, in this chapter you will look at a couple of the more sophisticated techniques used for laying out pages. First you will work with tables to provide page structure, and then you will explore the use of frames. See Also Do you need only a quick refresher on the topics in this chapter? See the Quick Refer- ence entries on pages xxix­xxx. Important