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Installing FrontPage

In its most complete form, FrontPage follows a client/server software model. The FrontPage editing and Web site management software that runs on your desktop is the client. The FrontPage Server Extensions or Windows SharePoint Services provide the server functions.

Deciding When to Install Your Own Web Server

Many beginning Web developers test their Web pages by loading them into their browser directly from disk. This process is fine for many kinds of Web pages, but it doesn’t work for pages that expect special programs to run on the Web server every time a Web visitor requests them. If you want to see these features in action before you publish the pages on your production Web server, you’ll need a separate Web server for testing.

For a listing of FrontPage components that require FrontPage software on the Web server, refer to Appendix B.

If you decide, based on these criteria, that you need a FrontPage-enabled Web server for development, the first place to look is your ISP or your IT department. It’s quite possible they have Web servers ready and waiting for this kind of work.

If neither your ISP nor your IT department can provide a suitable test server—or if your bandwidth to that server is insufficient—you’ll need to configure your computer as a Web server. To do this on Windows 2000 or Windows XP Professional:

Go to Control Panel.

Double-click Add/Remove Programs

Click Add/Remove Windows Components.

Select Install Internet Information Server.

Because Windows 2000 and Windows XP Professional predate FrontPage 2002, their Web servers don’t come with the FrontPage 2002 Server Extensions. Therefore, don’t install the server extensions that come with the Web server. First get the Web server up and running without extensions, and then install the FrontPage 2002 Server Extensions from Microsoft’s Web site. Browse www.microsoft.com/frontpage/downloads and follow the links.



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