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Chapter 1. Presenting Microsoft FrontPag... > Supporting FrontPage on Your Web Ser...

Supporting FrontPage on Your Web Server

Any general-purpose Web server can deliver Web pages you create in FrontPage. This includes Windows-based Web site servers as well as UNIX servers running Netscape or Apache Web server software. The universal nature of HTML and other file formats guarantees this will work. Nevertheless, in terms of capabilities related to FrontPage, Web servers fall into three categories:

  • Non-extended Web servers These have no special FrontPage software installed. FrontPage can upload files to such a server using the Internet File Transfer Protocol (FTP), Distributed Authoring and Versioning (WebDAV), or Windows file sharing, and the server can deliver your Web pages, multimedia files, and other kinds of content to any and all Web visitors. Because non-extended Web servers lack FrontPage software, FrontPage features such as counting and displaying page hits, collecting data from HTML forms, sending e-mail, and processing databases won’t work.

    Tip: Use Non-FrontPage Components on Non-FrontPage Web Servers

    Nothing in FrontPage prevents you from using whatever hit counters, form handlers, and other components might be available on a given Web server, extended or not. However, FrontPage won’t automatically create the code that invokes non-FrontPage components.

  • FrontPage-extended Web servers These have a collection of software called the FrontPage Server Extensions installed. These extensions support hit counters, data collection, e-mailing, database processing, and other FrontPage features that non-extended servers don’t. They also support advanced file upload software and the ability to open and save Web files using Internet protocols only.

    Unlike earlier versions of Microsoft FrontPage, FrontPage 2003 doesn’t come with a new version of the FrontPage Server Extensions. Versions of the FrontPage 2002 Server Extensions for Windows 2000, Windows XP Professional, Windows .NET Server, and many UNIX operating systems are still available from Microsoft’s Web site.

  • Windows SharePoint Services 2.0 servers These provide most of the features of FrontPage-extended Web servers but support database access in a much different way. Whereas FrontPage-extended Web servers use Active Server Pages (ASP) or Microsoft ASP.NET technology for database access, Windows SharePointServices uses XML data sources and formats them using Extensible Style Sheet Transformation (XSLT).

    Windows SharePoint Services 2.0 also supports the use of Web Parts, which are fragments of Web content that site designers, administrators, and even suitably authorized visitors can add, configure, or remove from pages. Finally, Windows SharePoint Services includes a portal application named SharePoint Team Sites.

    Windows SharePoint Services 2.0 is a feature of Windows .NET Server 2003. Therefore, you won’t find any SharePoint installation files on your Microsoft FrontPage or Microsoft Office CD. Instead, you must obtain and install Windows .NET Server 2003.



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