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Part 12: Customizing Your Copy of FrontPage > Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

1How does FrontPage interpret pasted text and pictures?205
2Is there any way to make the browser display two or more spaces in a row?209
3Is there any way to generate graphical link bar buttons without applying themes to a Web page?358
4Is there any way to set up link bars without diagramming a site in Navigation view?358
5Why would a Link Bar component appear blank or missing?358
6What operating environment do Database Interface pages require?391
7Can I publish my FrontPage 2003 Web to a server running earlier FrontPage Server Extensions?451
8Why doesn’t Microsoft Windows include a graphical FTP interface?459
9How can programs other than FrontPage safely update a FrontPage-based Web site?481
10How does FrontPage mark tables as layout or conventional?529
11Why can’t a color wheel show all the colors?570
12Is there any way to specify page banner text without entering it in Navigation view?573
13Is there any way to create a navigation bar without arranging pages in Navigation view?573
14What guidelines exist for distributing video on the Web?702
15What’s the procedure for displaying an animated GIF file?702
16How can I make a Web page display its file system date?722
17How much of a page does the Include Page component actually include?753
18I want to include several noncontiguous but repetitive elements in every page in my Web site. How can I do that?753
19What are server-side includes?753
20Can the Top 10 List component show more than one month of data?781



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