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Top Inside Tips

1Create local copies of any Web sites you access by FTP or WebDAV. If you attempt to open an WebDAV or FTP as a FrontPage based Web, FrontPage responds by starting the Import Web Wizard. Consider this a gentle reminder that to update a site, you should create a local copy, update it, and then publish your changes back to the original location167
2Drag and drop pictures confidently in FrontPage 2003. In past releases, FrontPage would often mishandle pictures you dragged from a local file location and dropped onto a Web page. As a result, many Web designers formed the habit of always dragging pictures to the Folder List and then dragging the same picture from the Folder List to the open Web page. In FrontPage 2003, this problem is fixed and either procedure works fine253
3Turn off FrontPage features your Web server doesn’t provide. If you’re worried about accidentally using components that require the FrontPage Server Extensions or Windows SharePoint Services on the Web server, you can configure FrontPage to dim those menu options. For more information, refer to, “Configuring Authoring Options,” on page 1131438
4Use the right container when sizing by percent. When you specify the dimensions of any Web page object as a percentage, that percentage is relative to the object’s immediate container. Thus, depending on where it appears, an object sized at 50 percent might occupy 50 percent of the browser window, 50 percent of a frame, or 50 percent of a table cell—whichever is most specific530
5Set Table Defaults by Example. At first, it might seem inconvenient that to save defaults for creating new tables, you must create a sample table and then delete it. However, the same approach makes it very convenient to open the Table Properties dialog box for an existing table that looks just right, select Set As Default For New Tables, and click OK532
6Avoid Resetting a Hit Counter Accidentally. After resetting the counter to a new value, save the page, clear the Reset Counter To check box, and save again. Otherwise, FrontPage will keep resetting the counter every time you save the page. When FrontPage publishes a Web site, it doesn’t copy hit counts from the local Web site to the remote Web site. Therefore, to reset hit counts on the remote Web site, you must open it in FrontPage and reset the counter yourself719
7Use date formats that don’t confuse international visitors. It’s always best to use 4-digit year, alphabetic month, and 24-hour time formats on the Web. These are less confusing to international visitors. Depending on the country, 01/02/03 can be January 2, 2003; February 1, 2003; or February 3, 2001740
8Check your Server for ASP.NET Capability. To check the availability of ASP.NET on your Web server, copy the selfdiag.aspx page to the server, and browse it using an http URL. Insider Extra 2, “ASP.NET Self-Diagnosis Web Page,” describes this page. The page itself resides in the selfdiagnet folder you installed with the Insider Extra files from the companion CD887
9Set up database connections for every Access database. It’s a good idea to set up FrontPage database connections for every Access database in your Web site, even if you plan to use a certain database for custom development only. Existence of a database connection tells FrontPage to set up (and preserve) correct file system security for the database917
10Save SharePoint library documents in HTML format. When saving documents into a SharePoint Team Site library (or saving them to disk in preparation for upload to a SharePoint Team Site library), it’s usually best to save them in HTML format. That way, other team members can view and annotate the document directly in their browsers. If you save or upload a non-HTML document in its native format, other team members will have to download the document, open it with another program, and then upload it again if they’ve made any changes931



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