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Chapter 10. Adding and Formatting Pictures > Adding Pictures to a Page

Adding Pictures to a Page

FrontPage can add pictures of almost any kind to your Web pages in a variety of ways. One of these is almost sure to meet any requirements you encounter:

  • Picture files FrontPage can insert pictures from any file location on your computer, from the Clipboard, from the Web site you’re working in, or from any location on the World Wide Web. If the picture isn’t in one of the usual Web file formats, FrontPage will convert it automatically.

    For more information about picture file types used on the Web, refer to “Choosing Picture File Formats,” on page 671.

  • Clip art FrontPage can use the Microsoft Clip Organizer, which is the same picture gallery that the rest of the Microsoft Office System 2003 suite uses. If none of the thousands of pictures in the Clip Organizer meet your needs, you can search further on Microsoft’s Web site by clicking Clip Art On Office Online in the Clip Art task pane.

  • Pictures from a scanner or camera FrontPage can directly accept pictures from TWAIN-compliant devices such as scanners and digital cameras. This bypasses the usual steps of first capturing the picture as a disk file, then adding the file to your Web site, and finally adding it to your Web page.


    Despite reports to the contrary, TWAIN doesn’t stands for Technology Without An Interesting Name. TWAIN isn’t an acronym; it’s simply the name of a software standard for connecting scanners and digital cameras to computers. For more information about TWAIN, browse www.twain.org.

  • Video files FrontPage can add video files to a Web page as easily as it can add picture files.

  • Line art FrontPage can add line art to a Web page. The following kinds of pictures all use Vector Markup Language (VML) to express line drawings. VML is an XML-based way to describe pictures using curves, lines, and xy-coordinates:

    • Drawings FrontPage can draw lines, arrows, rectangles, and other objects within a Web page.

    • AutoShapes FrontPage can create geometric shapes, block arrows, flowchart symbols, stars, and other shapes selected from a library.

    • WordArt FrontPage can provide extremely rich formatting of text. This feature has been present in earlier releases of Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, and Microsoft PowerPoint. The introduction of VML makes it usable in FrontPage as well.

    A line drawing expressed in VML is usually much smaller than the same drawing saved as a GIF or JPEG file. Currently, only Microsoft Internet Explorer 5 and later can display VML. Other browsers ignore the VML code and display instead a GIF version of the same picture.



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