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Chapter 36. Accessing and Updating Datab... > Using the Database Interface Wizard

Using the Database Interface Wizard

Chapter 14, “Creating Web Sites with Templates and Wizards,” described the basic procedure for creating a set of Web pages known collectively as a database interface. To briefly reiterate, this procedure uses a wizard you select from the Web Site Templates dialog box to create any combination of the following Web pages:

  • Results page This is an ordinary Web page that contains a Database Results component. You could create exactly the same page using the procedures described in the “Using the Database Results Wizard” section, earlier in this chapter. Furthermore, you can use any of the techniques described in that section to modify any results page that the Database Interface Wizard creates.

  • Submission form This is another ordinary Web page, but it contains an HTML form that uses the Save Results component for adding records to the database. You could create the same page, or modify a page created by either method, by following the instructions in the “Saving Form Results to a Database” section, earlier in this chapter.

    Despite the similarity in results, there’s a difference in mind-set between creating a Save Results To Database page using the technique described in this chapter and creating a Save Results To Database page using the Database Interface Wizard described in Chapter 14:

    • The procedures in this chapter assume that you want to first create an HTML form and then hook it up to a database.

    • The Database Interface Wizard technique assumes that you want to select or create the database first and then have FrontPage create an HTML form for the database fields you select.

    For more information about using the Database Interface Wizard, refer to “Using the Database Interface Wizard,” on page 379.

  • Database Editor page This is a frames page that displays, adds, changes, and deletes records in whatever database you selected when you ran the Database Interface Wizard. The target pages that display and add information are, of course, based on your old favorites—the Database Results component and the Save Results To Database component.



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