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Chapter 12. Producing an Annual Report > Final Thoughts - Pg. 290

Producing an Annual Report 290 Step 10: Preflighting Your Project Make sure you have saved your work. Go to the File pull-down menu and select Preflight. The preflight command checks your file to make sure it is in acceptable condition to submit to your print service provider. It checks for fonts, links, images, colors, inks, print, and external plug-ins. All of this information impacts your print service provider. InDesign uses a yellow caution triangle to indicate problems. When you are clicking through the Preflight dialog box, look for these warnings indicating a problem. You might have a problem such as a font used by the document is not turned on in your font management utility, you've moved or modified an image since you placed it in your document, or you placed an RGB image. If you see errors or warnings, you need to exit this dialog box, fix the problem, and run the preflight again. Step 11: Creating a Color Composite Proof Let's print a content proof. Go to the File pull-down menu and select Print. Choose the appropriate settings for the printer available to you. On the General tab, choose one copy. On the Setup tab select 8.5" ×11" and vertical orientation. Leave the scale alone. On the Marks and Bleed, turn off all the options. On the Output tab, if possible, print a color composite output for your work; if not, select Grayscale. On the Graphics tab, the default settings should work. The remaining tabs can be ignored for now. Print and review your proof, make any necessary adjustments, and save your changes. Print it again. Absolute Page Numbering Absolute page numbering has been used in this project. The preference setting you choose also impacts printing. Absolute page numbering uses only the physical sequence of pages. If you want to print page 1, your