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Q1:I created a Photo Gallery and I want to adjust the contrast on a few of the pictures. How can I do this?
A1: The Photo Gallery supports only a few editing features: rotating graphics, resizing the photo, and cropping it.

To use the other graphics-editing tools on the Pictures toolbar, create a new Web page; choose Insert, Picture, From File; and add the photos. When you save the page after editing the graphics as desired, you'll have a chance to save the modified graphics. Save them in the same folder where they were stored originally, giving them the same filename.

Afterward, the Photo Gallery uses your new versions of those photos.

Q2:I've been working with a graphic for a while and the edges are starting to look jagged. What can I do about this?
A2: Any graphic that you edit within FrontPage changes each time you save or resample it. If you've altered the size several times, you'll lose some clarity each time as FrontPage tries to antialias the graphic.

Antialiasing is a graphic design term for adjusting the edges of a graphic so that it blends more smoothly with the background. FrontPage can't always antialias smoothly if graphics are repeatedly resized. If possible, revert to the original version of the graphic and redo your edits to get better clarity.

Q3:Page backgrounds are mentioned during this hour. How do I set up a background?
A3: A Web page can have a solid color or a graphic as a background: Choose Format, Background. The Page Properties dialog box opens with the Formatting tab on top.

Here's how to set up a background graphic that will be displayed underneath the rest of the Web page: Select the Background Picture check box, click the Browse button, then use the File Open dialog to find and select a graphic. Click OK; the Page Properties dialog closes and the background is displayed on the page.

To set up a background color: Choose Format, Background, then on the Page Properties dialog, choose a color in the Background list menu.

Tables and table cells also can have background colors or graphics: Right-click one and choose either Table Properties or Cell Properties.



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