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Q1:Why doesn't any of the text from an included page show up in HTML mode?
A1: FrontPage 2003 saves the contents of included Web pages separately from the rest of each page in a site. These elements, which are usually shared by more than one page, are saved to their own Web pages—common practice is to create an _includes folder and store them there. Everything is combined when you publish.

In the _includes folder, you can open and edit these pages like any other pages in your Web site.

Q2:Is there any reason I should work directly with HTML instead of using FrontPage 2003 to create the HTML for me?
A2: One of the main purposes of software like FrontPage is to make it easier to create Web pages. Many people who don't have a technical background will find it easier to develop Web pages if they don't have to learn the tags and syntax of HTML—and as you've seen during the last 20 hours, you can accomplish a lot without knowing the language.

The main advantage of learning and using HTML is that you can implement everything in the language as it's introduced. FrontPage 2003 supports most features that are currently implemented by Microsoft Internet Explorer, Netscape Navigator, and the other popular Web browsers, but as new features are introduced by the World Wide Web Consortium and browser developers, you might need to rely on HTML to implement them.

Q3:Can I add an advertising network's HTML in Code mode, or do I have to use the HTML Web component?
A3: If you are comfortable editing HTML, you can add a Web enhancement service's HTML code directly in Code view. However, you'll be missing out on one of the benefits of the HTML component—it remembers exactly which HTML was placed on a page to support a specific service.

When you paste HTML directly on a page, it might not contain comments that show where the service's HTML begins and ends. Later when you need to update or remove the code, it can be difficult to distinguish it from the formatting for the surrounding page.

Changing or deleting the code is much easier with the HTML component. Double-click the question-mark icon to edit the code, or click it once and press the Delete key to remove it.



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