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Q1:Using the Form Page Wizard, I created a form and chose not to lay it out using tables. Some parts of the form extend beyond the right edge of the browser instead of wrapping around to the next line. Why is this happening?
A1: The Form Page Wizard offers the choice to create forms without using tables because some of your visitors might not be using a Web browser that can display them.

At present, however, less than 1–2% of your audience is likely to be in this group (often considerably less).

To line up forms without using tables, the Form Page Wizard formats the page using a technique that causes text to appear exactly as shown, ignoring the normal rules of Web page formatting such as wrapping text around the right margin. This technique is useful when you want to use spaces to line up text.

The disadvantage to this approach is that the text is shown exactly as it appears, even if it scrolls off the right edge of the browser window. To avoid this problem, create forms that use tables.

Q2:Is there any way I can include my email address on my Web site without it being discovered by spammers?
A2: The most effective technique is to create a graphic that displays the email address without using a mailto: link on the graphic or making the address the graphic's caption.

Spammers can find an email address anywhere in the text of a Web page, even in the HTML formatting used to present the page.

By presenting the address graphically, you enable visitors to write it down and type it into their email programs, but they aren't able to click a link to send mail to you. It's less convenient for them, but it's significantly more convenient where your own inbox is concerned.

If you are familiar with FrontPage's Word Art feature, which can be used to create graphics from text, you might think that it would be a good way to create a spam-proof email address graphic.

Unfortunately, this won't work: Word Art includes your email address as text in the HTML formatting of the page, where it can easily be discovered by spammers.



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