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Hour 17. Add a Search Engine to Your Sit... > Make Your Web Site Searchable - Pg. 186

186 Chapter 17. Add a Search Engine to Your Site FrontPage 2003 has several different features that make your Web sites easier to use. If your site has been organized in Navigation view and makes use of link bars, most visitors should be able to quickly find what they're looking for. For the times when a user can't find something, it's helpful to offer a search engine that can look through all pages in a site for specific text. FrontPage offers a personal search engine that functions like Google and AltaVista, two popular Web sites that scour millions of Web pages for specific text, hyperlinks, and other content. In this hour, you will learn · How to add a search form component to your FrontPage site · How to choose the parts of a site that will be searched · How to keep the search form's index up-to-date The search form component is a text search engine that requires a Web server equipped with