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How to Create a Web

As mentioned previously, when you create a series of pages for a Web site, FrontPage allows you to group them together as a unit called a Web. While you can still use FrontPage to create and edit individual pages without creating a Web, you are highly encouraged to create a Web to tie your pages together into a cohesive unit for the following reasons:

  • FrontPage has several built-in functions to check the validity of your pages and their links.

  • FrontPage is designed to allow you to publish your Web to a Web server as a single unit.

  • When you create a Web, you can use FrontPage's automatic Navigation tool to create navigation bars for your Web, making it easier for viewers to find their way through your site.

  • Keeping your pages in a Web will allows you to use FrontPage's built-in Folders function to organize your files.

  • Keeping your pages in a Web allows you to use the FrontPage Reports function to easily check the status of your Web.

Each time you create a new Web, FrontPage creates a new folder using the name of the Web as the name of the folder. Then, any files you create and add to your Web are stored in this folder or subfolders that are created as they are needed.

If this sounds a bit confusing now, don't worry. By the time you complete this lesson this will be a lot clearer.

Create your first Web and you will see. To create a Web

  1. From the File menu, select New, Web to open the New Web dialog box (see Figure 3.5).

    Figure 3.5. The New dialog box used to create new Webs.

  2. Select the type of Web you want to create from the choice of Web templates. Until you learn more about Web templates in Lesson 4, "Getting Started Using FrontPage Templates," go ahead and select One Page Web.

  3. Select the location of the Web folder and a name for your Web.

  4. Select OK. If the folder doesn't exist you will be prompted to create the folder. Select Yes to create the folder and Web. In a few seconds, your Web and its corresponding folder are created (see Figure 3.6).

    Figure 3.6. FrontPage displaying your newly created Web.

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