In today's highly connected world, almost everybody has a web site,from local sewing circles to the world's largest corporations. Ifyou're ready for one of your own, Microsoft's FrontPage 2003 haseverything you need to create Web pages. It's true. Your geekfriends may howl in contempt if you use FrontPage, but that'sbecause the program has a reputation for spitting out cookie-cutterWeb pages with messy, overloaded HTML code that takes forever toload. Not any more.

After listening to complaints, Microsoft has given FrontPage2003 some pretty advanced features, including an HTML cleanup toolthat helps alleviate bloated code, and new support for MacromediaFlash and XML. Now, savvy Web veterans can control as much of theprocess as they want, and even collaborate on a site withdevelopers who use Dreamweaver, GoLive or other Web authoringtools. Yet, unlike those other tools, FrontPage 2003 still hasautomated features for beginners who don't know where to start.

There's still one flaw, though. Microsoft's idea of a usermanual is a flimsy pamphlet. But that's easily solved. FrontPage2003: The Missing Manual offers you everything from the basicsto meaty sections on advanced tasks. Our book puts the program'sfeatures in context, with clear and thorough chapters that providevaluable shortcuts, workarounds, and just plain common sense, nomatter where you weigh in on the technical scale. With it, you canlearn to build simple Web pages, or sophisticated ones with tablesand Cascading Style Sheets, and find out how to manage and publisha Web site. You'll also learn to create forms, work with databases,and integrate FrontPage with Microsoft Office.

If you haven't worked with Web pages before, each chapterprovides "Up to Speed" sidebars with useful background information.If you do have experience, the "Power Users' Clinic" sidebars offeradvanced tips and insights. You won't find tips like those in thepamphlet, or even in the Help file. FrontPage: The MissingManual gives you the complete lowdown on the program above andbeyond any book on the market.

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