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Review questions

1:What are Master Pages?
2:What is the advantage of using the Story Editor?
3:How can you find out whether text frames are linked?
4:What are the criteria for selecting a typeface for a newsletter?
5:Which command should be used before handing files off to a printer or service bureau?

Review answers

A1: Master Pages are used for elements that appear repeatedly on several or all pages, like grid lines, frames or page numbers. Using Master Pages facilitates your work considerably, and helps achieve consistency. To override a master-page item on a page, hold down Shift+Ctrl (Windows) or Shift+Command (Mac OS), and select the object by clicking it.
A2: The Story Editor can be found by selecting Edit > Edit in Story Editor. Using the Story Editor window provides you with two great advantages, compared to writing the story in the page layout view. Firstly, the text display is simplified; the story appears in your specified font without any layout or formatting distractions. Secondly, navigation is easier; the text reads in one continuous left-justified column, even if the text jumps across multiple text frames in the layout view.
A3: Select any text frame of the story with either Selection tool. Choose View > Show Text Threads. Choose View > Hide Text Threads to turn this feature off again.
A4: The following criteria need to be considered before making a selection of typefaces for a newsletter:
  • Readability on paper and on screen.

  • Differentiation and complementarity between typefaces used for bodytext and headlines.

  • Range of weights and widths of a font

  • How the style might appeal to the target readership.

  • Differentiation from fonts used by competing newsletters.

A5: Before handing off the document to a service provider or printer, a quality check should be performed using the Preflight command. The Preflight command warns you about possible problems with the document, such as missing images or fonts, and provides excellent help to list information such as which inks are used, etc. After that, you can perform the Package command to collect all files required for the printing job in one folder.

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