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Formatting text

The visual treatment given to stories is largely defined by the choices, or styles, of typefaces, layout, and colors. You'll now determine styles for the newsletter, apply them to the text frames, and put the initial formatting in place. Then you need to set up the paragraph styles based on the established parameters. Using paragraph and character styles in the publication helps maintain a consistent look, and saves time when applying and revising text formatting.

Using too many fonts in one document usually creates visual confusion. To keep the design uncomplicated, restrict yourself to using two font families. In the following steps, you will use two typefaces of first-class designs that are installed with InDesign CS2 and Illustrator CS2:

  • Adobe Garamond Pro, a serif typeface (serifs are the little feet or fine lines at the end of the main or cross strokes), is an excellent choice for body text.

  • Myriad Pro, a sans serif typeface (without serifs), in its condensed and bold styles gives headlines impact and a distinctive look.

First, you'll design a big headline spanning the three columns of the large text frame on page 1. In InDesign, the number of columns is defined on a per-text-frame basis. That means a single text frame cannot have text that spans the width of three columns at the top and breaks into three columns below. Therefore, you need to place a separate text frame for the headline above the main text frame. To make room for the headline text frame, you will move the top border of the three-column text frame down a little.

Navigate to page 1 of the document, and choose the Selection tool from the toolbox.

Click inside the three-column text frame to select it.

Grab the center top handle of the frame, and move it down by 4 picas (to 25 picas from the top). For precise movement, it is helpful to use the Info palette. To show (or hide) the Info palette, choose Window > Info, or press the F8 function key.

Select the Type tool, and create a new text frame from 14.6 picas (14p6) from the left and 21 picas from the top, to 48 picas from the left, spanning three columns (the frame snaps to the margin guides if the pointer is close enough), and 24 picas from the top. If necessary, create guides to help you with the positioning.

With the cursor blinking in the newly created text frame, type Vanishing Points! (the headline for the main story).

Select all text (Ctrl-A / Command-A). In the Control palette, select Myriad Pro from the Font Family menu, and Bold from the Type Style menu. Set the Font Size to 48 pt.

With the text still selected, click the Align center icon in the Paragraph palette.

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