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Lesson 8. Presenting with Styles > Editing master pages

Editing master pages

Elements that appear on every slide of the presentation, things like color bars and the company logo, should be designed and placed on the master page. The master page is also where you define text frames for the headline and the main text area.

To select the master page for editing, double-click the A-Master page icon in the Pages palette.

Using the Rectangle Frame tool, draw a graphic frame the height of the page and about 150 points wide.


Moving the pointer over the various tools in the toolbox will display the name of each tool, as well as the keyboard shortcut to select a particular tool.

With the frame still selected, place artwork by choosing File > Place and, in the Place dialog box, deselect Show Import Options and select Replace Selected Item, and then select the slidebanner.eps file in the Lesson08 folder, and click Open.

Now, a vertical colored banner on the left side of each slide is displayed.

To have the company logo appear on the lower right corner of each slide, create another frame, about 240 pt wide and 110 pt high, just inside the document margins at the lower right side.

Place the file slidelogo.ai from the Lesson08 folder into that frame, the same way you placed the slidebanner.eps file in step 7. Note that the logo artwork is much larger than the frame it is loaded into.

Choose Object > Fitting > Fit Content Proportionally to fit the image into the frame.



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