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Lesson 7. Moving from Print to Web > Preparing to use Package for GoLive in InD...

Preparing to use Package for GoLive in InDesign

Switch to InDesign, and open the file mynewsletterfinal.indd in the newsletter folder, inside the Lesson07 folder.

This is the final version of the newsletter created in Lesson 4. The masthead at the top of the page is a placed Illustrator file, and the photo of the red huts on the right hand side is a placed Photoshop file. In the following, those assets (the headline and main story on page 1, plus the picture which goes with it) will be repurposed for the design of the news page in the Web site. (See illustration on next page.)

The Package for GoLive command makes it extremely easy to reuse the content of an InDesign document for the creation of Web pages in GoLive. In the simplest case, the document can be exported from InDesign. GoLive will almost fully automatically create complete HTML pages very closely resembling the pages in the InDesign document.

Here in this lesson, you will pick and choose which elements from the InDesign document should be placed on the Web page. For this, you need to modify the layout to better integrate with the Web site design. For example, there is no need to reuse the newsletter masthead, but content in a tab needs to be placed under the Web banner already present in the Web site. Also, a specially designed navigation bar for the Web page, complete with rollover buttons, and links to other pages on the site, will fulfill the function of the table of contents in the InDesign document (the text on the colored background in the left column).

To preserve the appearance of text as closely as possible when going from print to Web, there are a few things to consider up-front. The text styling capabilities of InDesign far outshine what can be represented with even the latest HTML standards. Compromises have to be made. But, if you know what to look out for, good results can be achieved nonetheless.

First of all, the text to be reused on the Web page should be formatted using paragraph and character styles. The text formatting information can then be approximated by using Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) in GoLive. Text formatting not using paragraph and character styles will be lost when the package is opened in GoLive.

With the Type tool selected in the toolbox, click anywhere in the Vanishing Points! headline. Open the Paragraph Styles palette (Window > Type & Tables > Paragraph Styles), and confirm that this headline has been formatted using the Headline Paragraph Style.

Place the text cursor anywhere in the first paragraph of the main story (or select a portion of the paragraph's text), and confirm that this paragraph has been formatted using the Body Paragraph Style.

With this particular document, all text in the main story is formatted using the Body Paragraph Style. In general, it is advisable to go through the story one paragraph at a time, and check the formatting.

The next point to consider is the amount of text in a single story. While it is OK in a printed document to have text span several columns (and even be continued on another page), one should not have too much text in a single page in GoLive. The Package for GoLive command treats each text story as an entity. Drag this entity onto the page in GoLive and you'll end up with all the text of one story in a single text frame. To break a long story into more manageable chunks, it is better to either create additional text frames (without linking them!), and copy and paste sections of the story into each frame, or, more elegantly, and as shown later on, use GoLive's new smart text components when placing the story on the Web page. These smart Web components let you crop the text to display only part of the story in one text frame. Then another smart text component can be added to display another section of the story, for example on a second Web page, with a link to it from the first page.

That's about all there is to pay attention to at the moment; other issues will be covered while you are performing the Package for GoLive command.



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