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Lesson 2. Designing a CD Cover > Reviewing layer comps in InDesign

Reviewing layer comps in InDesign

Still in Photoshop, choose File > Browse (or click the Go to Bridge button in the Options palette) to switch to Bridge.

In Bridge, locate the file CD Cover.indd in the Lesson02 folder, insider the CS2CIB Lessons folder on the hard disk. Click the file icon to select it, and then choose File > Open With > Adobe InDesign CS2 (default).

The InDesign CS2 application will start up and open the file CD Cover.indd. This document, with custom size and slug area, has been prepared to utilize the assets created in Lesson 1. All that is left is to place the Photoshop file on the front of the CD cover, and to import and style some text for the back. Guides are already defined to help you with placing the Photoshop image and text.

In InDesign, choose File > Place.

Switch to the Adobe Dialog version of the Place dialog box, if necessary.

Navigate to the Lesson02 folder, inside the CS2CID Lessons Favorites folder.

Select the file CD Cover Comps.psd, which you just saved from within Photoshop.

Deselect the check boxes next to both Show Import Options and Replace Selected Items, and then click Open.

The pointer takes the shape of a loaded graphic icon. Move the pointer towards the point where the two guides cross just below the text ABOUT US. Click the page to place the image.

The image will fit nicely into the space reserved for it in the cover design. The image of the layer comp that was selected when saved in Photoshop is shown. To see how the other layer comp images would look in its place, do the following:

With the newly placed image still selected, choose Object > Object Layer Options.

Position the Object Layer Options dialog box on the screen in order to see at the same time both the dialog box and the document window with the cover design.

Select the check box next to Preview, and then flip through the different layer comp versions, by selecting them from the Layer Comp pop-up menu.

Select the layer comp that you think works best for the design, and then click OK.

Choose Edit > Deselect All.



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