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Lesson 2. Designing a CD Cover > Viewing and ranking images in Bridge

Viewing and ranking images in Bridge

In Bridge, open the CD Cover Images folder, inside the Lesson02 folder, inside the CS2CIB Lessons folder.

You will see three Photoshop files that are candidates for use on the cover of the CD Label that you will create in this lesson. Note that you don't just see generic icons of the files, but thumbnail views of the actual content of the files. The size of these thumbnails can be adjusted with the slider at the bottom of the window. At the lower right side of the window are buttons you can use to toggle between Thumbnails view, Filmstrip view, Details view and Versions and alternates view. This feature enables you to choose the best viewing mode for your review needs and preferences.

A. Smallest thumbnail size. B.Thumbnail size slider. C. Largest thumbnail size. D. Thumbnails view. E. Filmstrip view. F. Details view. G. Versions and alternates view.

Click the Details view button in the lower right corner of the window.

This view confirms that all files have the same size and resolution and are saved in CMYK color mode.

To quickly scan and pre-select a large number of images in a folder (such as the photos downloaded from a digital camera after a studio shooting), the images can be rated using the slideshow mode, in combination with the number keys 1 through 5 on the keyboard. When done, Bridge can display the images sorted by rating.

Choose View > Slide Show to switch to the Slide View mode. While in Slide View mode, press the H key to display the slide-show keyboard shortcuts, and press H again to hide them.

With the first image visible on screen, press a number key between 1 and 5 to assign a rating. Click the right arrow key to display the next image (or wait for the image to appear after the default delay of 4 seconds), assign a rating, and continue this procedure until reaching the end of the slide show.

With only three pictures in this folder it's probably not so obvious, but this can be a real time-saver if there is a large number of images to go through.

Deselect View > Sort > Ascending Order to toggle it off. Then choose View > Sort > By Rating. (See illustration on next page.)

If there were more images to choose from, you could select the three highest ranked images to use in the next step.

Select the three images by choosing Edit > Select All.

Choose File > Open With > Adobe Photoshop CS2 (default).

Photoshop will start up and open the three images.



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