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Lesson 5. Building a Web Site > Adding button text

Adding button text

Select the layer called home in the Layers palette. Select the Type tool in the toolbox. In the Options palette, use the font and font style pop-up menus to select the font Myriad Pro Bold style, choose 14 px from the font size pop-up menu, and set the text color to white. (See illustration on next page.)

A. Font Family. B. Font Style. C. Font Size. D. Text Color. E. Toggle visibility of the Character and Paragraph palettes.

In the Character palette (Window > Character), set Tracking to 100. This will increase the spacing between characters, thereby improving readability for short text in small point sizes.

With the cursor baseline near the horizontal grid at 155 pt from the top of the page, click in the left part of the Basics Blue RGB button as shown in the illustration below, and then type home.

ImageReady will create a new type layer just above the previously selected home button's shape layer. By default, the name of the layer is the text that you entered.

Select the Move tool in the toolbox, then use the arrow keys on the keyboard to visually center the button text within the Basics Blue RGB button rectangle.

Select the about shape layer in the Layers palette, then select the Type tool, and without changing any of the type attributes, type about as text for the Basics Green RGB button. Use the Move tool to visually align the text in the button rectangle.

In the same manner, create the button text for the projects and the contact buttons.

There are now four text layers visible in the Layers palette, one for each button. The image is ready to be sliced, based on the button shapes. After that, you can define rollover states for each button slice.



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