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Lesson 5. Building a Web Site > Adding guides and text

Adding guides and text

If necessary, choose View > Rulers to make the rulers visible in the document window.

Click the horizontal ruler at the top of the document window, and drag a guide under the wordmark basics.


You can reposition rulers using the Move tool, if necessary,

Select the Horizontal Type tool from the toolbox, and click the guide to the right of the wordmark basics.

Photoshop will create a new type layer, with an insertion point blinking on the page.

In the Options palette, use the font and font style pop-up menus to select the font Myriad Pro in Bold style, and choose 36 pt from the font size pop-up menu. Click the Basics Green RGB color swatch in the Swatches palette to set the text color, and type creative solutions. (including the period).

Select the Move tool from the toolbox, and with the new text layer selected in the Layers palette, use the arrow keys on the keyboard to nudge the text into its final position, vertically aligned with the lower edge of the logo, while leaving about 10 to 15 pixels space to the right of the basics wordmark.

That's about all there is to be done in Photoshop; the rollover buttons can be created in ImageReady. There's only one more step necessary if ImageReady is to use the same colors swatches. ImageReady can't import color swatches in the Adobe Swatch Exchange format, but it can read color swatches in Photoshop's Adobe Color Swatch (.aco) file format. You will have to export the current set of color swatches in that format in order to load them in ImageReady.

In the Swatches palette, choose Save Swatches from the palette menu. In the Save dialog box, navigate to the Lesson05 folder, name the file Basics_RGB.aco, and click Save.

Save the Photoshop file in the Lesson05 folder. If the Photoshop Options Format dialog box appears after clicking Save in the Save dialog box, leave the Maximize compatibility check box selected, and then click OK.



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