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Lesson 1. Asset Creation and General Set... > Adding swatches to your Swatches pal...

Adding swatches to your Swatches palette

In the following procedures, you will learn five different ways to add a color swatch to the Swatches palette.

In the toolbox, set the Fill and Stroke buttons to their default, and make sure that the Fill button is active (on top of the Stroke button).

Click the New Swatch button at the bottom of the Swatches palette. A new swatch (in the current Fill color) will be added to the list in the Swatches palette.

Double-click the newly created swatch in the Swatches palette to bring up the Swatch Options dialog box. Name the swatch Basics Blue, select Process Color as Color Type, CMYK as Color Mode and enter 83%, 0%, 21%, and 0% as the CMYK values. Select the Global check box. When you update a global swatch color, all objects using that swatch color are updated accordingly (which is really what we want to have happen, should we ever change the color scheme for the Basics company). Click OK when done.

You have created the first custom color swatch. If you hold the pointer over the new swatch, the name Basics Blue will be displayed underneath. The lower right corner of the swatch is white, indicating that the Global option is turned on.

To create the second color swatch, choose New Swatch from the Swatches palette menu. The New Swatch dialog box will appear. Call the new swatch Basics Green and enter 29%, 0%, 100%, 0% as CMYK values. Leave the Process Color and Global settings selected. Click OK.

To create the third color swatch, double-click the Fill icon button in the toolbox to bring up the Color Picker dialog box. Select 0%, 53%, 100%, and 0% as CMYK values, and click OK. Now, click the orange Fill icon in the toolbox and drag it over to the Swatches palette. Release the mouse button when the pointer is to the right of the Basics Green swatch. Double-click the new swatch to bring up the Swatch Options dialog box. Rename it to Basics Orange, leave the Process Color setting unchanged, and select the Global check box. Click OK.

For the fourth color swatch, select the Basics Orange swatch in the Swatches palette and choose Duplicate Swatch from the palette menu. Double-click the new swatch, and in the Swatch Options dialog box, rename it to Basics Yellow, and select CMYK values of 0%, 16%, 100%, and 0%. Click OK.

For the last color swatch, go to the Color palette, choose CMYK from the Color palette menu, and then, if the CMYK sliders are not already showing, choose Show Options from the palette menu to display the CMYK sliders in the Color palette. Change the CMYK settings to 24%, 56%, 0%, 0%, and then choose Create New Swatch from the palette menu. In the New Swatch dialog box, which looks very much like the Swatch Options dialog box, name the swatch Basics Purple and turn Global option on. Then, click OK.

You have created a set of five custom color swatches. The last step is to save this set in the Swatch Exchange file format so that the other Creative Suite 2 applications can import and use it as well.



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