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Adding text

In the toolbox, select the Type tool.

In the Control palette, select the font Myriad Pro (which is installed automatically with InDesign CS2), in Bold, and 10-point size.

Make sure that Snap to Guides is turned on (View > Grids & Guides > Snap to Guides), and that the Guides—in particular the document's margins—are visible (View > Grids & Guides > Show Guides).

Click the top left corner of the document's margin guide (visible through the green bar at the top of the business card), and drag to the right and down to create a text frame approximately 200 points wide and 20 points high. As an alternative, you can type in those dimensions into the Control palette.

With the cursor blinking in the top left corner of the text frame, set the text color to white (named [Paper] in the Swatches palette) and type Richard Fake (with a space after the name), change the font to Myriad Pro Regular 6 pt, and type Design God.

In a similar manner, create a text frame at the lower edge of the business card, stretching from left to right margins, and about 20 points high. Select Myriad Pro Regular 7 pt, and with black selected as the text color, type the contact details Basics Street 88 | 54800 Basetown | T: 256 53 03 | info@basics.cs2. | www.basics.cs2 into the text frame.

Tracking can be adjusted to shrink or expand text that is just a tiny bit too long or too short to fit the text frame width. To adjust the tracking, select the entire line and set the tracking to -5. Finally, use the Selection tool and move the text frame so that the text baseline sits just above the lower margin of the business card.

Add a third text frame about 100 points wide and 20 points high, underneath the wordmark, and flush with the right margin. Set the text color to Basics Orange, set the font to Myriad Pro Bold 12 pt, and type creative solutions.

Select Align right in the Paragraph palette (Window > Type & Tables > Paragraph).

Use the Selection tool to select this last text frame, and then use the up and down arrow keys to adjust the vertical position of this tag line underneath the wordmark.

Save the work when done.



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