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Lesson 1. Asset Creation and General Set... > Importing color swatches in InDesign

Importing color swatches in InDesign

Choose Window > Swatches, or press the F5 function key to open the Swatches palette.

From the Swatches palette menu, first choose Select All Unused, and then choose Delete Swatch.

This will clear the Swatches palette of all but the permanent swatches. Next, you will add to the Swatches palette in InDesign the five Basics color swatches you prepared in Illustrator.

From the Swatches palette menu, choose Load Swatches.

If necessary, switch to the Adobe Dialog version of the Open a File dialog box (if the button on the bottom left reads Use Adobe Dialog, then click it, if it reads Use OS Dialog, then leave things as they are).

In the list on the left is the Favorites folder, CS2CIB Lessons. Click it, and then double-click the Lesson01 icon on the right to open it.

Select the Basics_CMYK.ase file, and click Open.

Color swatches for Basics Blue, Basics Green, Basics Orange, Basics Yellow, and Basics Purple will appear in the list of swatches in the Swatches palette.

Double-click one of the newly loaded swatches to confirm in the Swatch Options dialog box that the settings have been imported exactly as specified earlier in lllustrator. You will notice the absence of a Global option. All swatches in InDesign behave like global swatches in Illustrator.

Without making any changes to the settings, click Cancel to close the Swatch Options dialog box.



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