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Applying colors

Select the flower symbol on the page with the regular Selection tool.

The Fill and Stroke buttons in the toolbox indicate that the path is filled with black, and not stroked.

With Fill activated in the toolbox, click once on the Basics Blue color swatch in the Swatches palette to create the first building block for the company's logo artwork.

With the Selection tool, click the blue flower symbol and keep holding down the mouse button, and then press the Shift and Alt / Shift and Options keys while dragging the selection to the right to make a copy of the symbol right next to the original.

Release the pointer, and with the copy of the flower symbol still selected, click the Basics Green swatch in the Swatches palette.

With the now green copy of the flower symbol still selected, choose Object > Transform > Transform Again (or simply use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl-D / Command-D) to make another copy to the right of the second flower symbol. Fill the new flower symbol with Basics Orange color, make another copy, fill it with Basics Yellow, and make a final copy in Basics Purple. Click with the Selection tool outside of the artboard, or choose Select > Deselect to deselect all objects.

Choose Save As to save your work under the name basics_logo.ai in Adobe Illustrator file format, in the Lesson01 folder in the CS2CIB Lessons folder. After clicking the Save As button in the Save As dialog box, the Illustrator Options dialog box will come up.

Accept all the default settings in the Illustrator Options dialog box. Note the warning messages in the lower part of the dialog box. You will learn more about the raster effect resolution in the following sections. For now, ignore the warning about embedded fonts. Click OK to save the file to disk.



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