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Lesson 6. Adding Animation > Fixing broken links in GoLive

Fixing broken links in GoLive

Switch to GoLive, and open the file frameset site.site inside the frameset site folder in your Lesson06 folder.

From Lesson05, you will recognize this site, to which a few things have been added: a folder full of images, and a page called intro.html. The images folder already contains a final version of the GIF animation you've just been working on. The bug icon in the status column next to the intro.html page indicates that this page contains one or more broken links.

Double-click the intro.html file icon in the Files tab to open it in its own document window.

You'll see a page that already has some objects placed on a layout grid.

To see which object is causing the link warning, choose View > Show Link Warnings.

The Image object underneath the Basics logo image will be highlighted in red. This object has a broken link.

Click the red highlighted Image object to select it. Note in the Inspector palette the words (Empty Reference!) as Source for the image, also highlighted in red.

Drag from the Pick Whip button next to (Empty Reference!) in the Inspector palette to the file flower_frames.gif in the images folder in the Files tab of the site window. Release the pointer when the filename is highlighted.

The GIF animation will be loaded right underneath the logo image.

Save the intro.html page and note that a check mark icon has now replaced the bug icon in the status column in the site window. The broken link has been fixed.

The design of the intro page is done. All that is missing is a way to navigate from it to the main index.html page.



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