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Thanks To

Thanks To

Nancy Ruenzel, publisher of Peachpit Press.

Cary Norsworthy, my editor at Peachpit Press. Cary really understands how to handle an overworked author.

Sally Zahner, copyeditor, whose patience and attention to detail was much appreciated!

Becky Winter, for her eagle production eye.

Leona Benten and Evan Pricco who blazed through the final pass of proof reading.

The staff of Peachpit Press, all of whom make me proud to be a Peachpit author.

Joy Dean Lee, indexer extraordinaire, who is so precise that she finds errors that all the editors missed.

Dave Awl who did a great job in dissecting all the new features and marking up the previous edition of the book.

David Van Ness who did an incredible job of taking the new screen shots.

Barry Anderson and David Blatner of the InDesign Conference and the Creative Suite Conference. Speaking at those events helps me write better.

Molly Ruff of the InDesign beta program who patiently answered questions and fielded complaints.

Peter Truskier of Premedia Systems (www.premediasystems.com) who created the script that automated my screen shot spotlights.

Dave Saunders who created my script to find all overset text boxes. Dave is a terrific scripter who can write custom scripts to order. Reach him at www.pdsassoc.com.

Hemera™ Technologies which gave me the use of their extensive Photo-Objects 50,000 collection of photographs. The DVDs and search engine made looking for artwork a real pleasure.

The InDesign team in Seattle, who continue to make InDesign my favorite program to use and to write about.

The InDesign Talk List of Blueworld Listsearch. com. You all have given me great insight as to what subjects I need to cover. You have also given me great tips in working with InDesign.

The InDesign User to User forum. We may not always agree, but we’ve created a great community of questions, comments, advice, complaints, and silly threads.

Netta Rabin and Traci Levine of Grosset & Dunlap. These two students were the shining stars in their class and came up with insights that I didn’t even get. I take my hat off to them.

And a very special thanks to David Lerner of Tekserve, who once again helped me keep my computers running in the middle of the book crunch. Tekserve (www.tekserve.com) is the best place to buy, fix, or enhance Macintosh computers.


This book was created using InDesign CS. The computers used were a G4 500 Mhz Powerbook, and a Gateway 200 XL. Screen shots were taken using Snapz Pro X (Macintosh) and Snaggit (Windows). Fonts used were Minion Pro and Futura Std from Adobe, Circle Negative from Myfonts.com, and a specialty “TIP” font I created using FontLab from FontLab Inc.

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