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Lesson 5. Working with Typography > Changing fonts and type style

Changing fonts and type style

Changing the fonts and type styles of text can make a dramatic difference in the appearance of your document. Here you’ll change the font family, type style, and size for the text in one of the pull-quotes along the border of the spread. You’ll make these changes using the Control palette.

Make sure the Control palette is visible. (If it’s not, click Window > Control to make it visible).

Using the Type tool (), click inside the pull-quote on the left side of page 1, and then choose Edit > Select All to select the entire paragraph.

In the Control palette, make sure the Character Formatting Controls button is active (). Select Adobe Caslon Pro from the Font Family menu and Semibold Italic from the Type Style menu.

In Font Size, type 15, and press Enter or Return.

Choose Edit > Deselect All to deselect the text. Notice how the text stays aligned to the grid even after changing these attributes.

Because Adobe Caslon Pro is an OpenType font, you can use the Glyphs palette to select alternatives for many characters.

Select the first character (the “W”) of the pull-quote, and then choose Type > Glyphs.

In the Glyphs palette, select Alternates for Selection in the drop-down menu, just to see the alternates for “W.” Then double-click the more script-like “W” alternate to replace the original character in the pull-quote.

Some of the more commonly used glyphs, such as the copyright and trademark symbols, are also available from the context menu by right-clicking (Windows) or Ctrl+clicking (Mac OS) at the text insertion point.

You won’t be using the baseline grid for the remainder of the lesson, so you can hide it from view. To hide it, choose View > Grids & Guides > Hide Baseline Grid. Then save the file.



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