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Lesson 7. Working with Styles > Loading styles from another document

Loading styles from another document

Styles appear only in the document in which you create them. However, it’s easy to share styles between InDesign documents by loading, or importing, styles from other InDesign documents. In this exercise, you will import and apply a menu header style from the finished menu document (07_b.indd). Instead of having to manually add formatting to style the header type, you’ll save time by loading the styles from the other document and applying them to each header using a single action.

With your menu document (07_menu.indd) open, double-click on Panel 4 in the Pages palette to center the first page of the menu in your document window.

If it’s not already visible, select Window > Type & Tables > Paragraph Styles to access the Paragraph Styles palette.

Click the palette menu button in the Paragraph Styles palette and choose Load All Styles from the Paragraph Styles palette menu.

In the Open a File dialog box, double-click 07_b.indd from the Lesson_07 folder. The Load Styles dialog box appears. To avoid overwriting existing styles on import, make sure only Headers is checked in this dialog box, and click OK. In the Paragraph Styles palette, notice the new style called Headers. This style contains both character and paragraph formatting, including font, alignment, spacing, and rule below attributes.

Using the Type tool (), click an insertion point in the header for Salads, and then choose the new Headers style from the Paragraph Styles palette. The text and the spacing around it should change to correspond with the imported style you’ve applied.

Repeat Steps 1-5 to apply the Headers style to the following text:

  • Soups

  • Pasta

  • Entrées

  • Desserts

  • Coffees

  • Drinks

  • Bottled Water

Select File > Save.



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