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Lesson 7. Working with Styles > Creating and applying object styles - Pg. 265

ADOBE INDESIGN CS2 265 Classroom in a Book Creating and applying object styles Object styles allow you to apply and globally update formatting, on the object level, to graphics, text, and frames. These formatting attributes, including fill, stroke, transparency, and text wrap options, create a more consistent overall design, and speed up tedious production tasks. Creating an object style The menu document consists of two 3-panel spreads. Panels 1-3 represent the outside of the menu, while panels 4-6 represent the inside. In this section, you'll be creating and applying an object style to both spreads. 1 Double-click on the numbers "4-6" beneath the second spread to center those panels in the document window. 2 Double-click the Zoom tool ( ) to increase the magnification to 100%.