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Lesson 3. Working with Frames > Modifying graphics frames

Modifying graphics frames

In this section, you’ll focus on different techniques for modifying frames and frame contents. To start, you’ll import an image and place it in your document spread. Because you’ll be working on graphics rather than text, your first step is to make sure that the graphics appear on the Art layer rather than on the Text layer. Isolating items on different layers helps your work process so that it’s easier to find and edit elements of your design.

In the Layers palette, click the second-column box to unlock the Art layer. Lock the Text layer by clicking in the second column box. Then select the Art layer by clicking on the name of the layer so that new elements will be assigned to this layer.

To center page 4 in the document window, choose 4 from the Pages pop-up menu at the bottom of the document window.

Choose File > Place and in the Place dialog box deselect “Replace Selected Item” and then double-click 03_c.tif in the Lesson_03 folder.

The cursor changes to a loaded graphics icon ().


If the cursor appears with a line through it (), the current layer is selected but still locked. You cannot add objects to a locked layer. Make sure that the Art layer in the Layers palette is both unlocked and selected. The cursor should then appear as a loaded graphics icon so that you can proceed with this step.

Click near the top left corner of page 4, but not on the yellow bar, to place the graphic. It doesn’t matter exactly where you place it, nor that the purple image may cover some of the story text. You’ll fix that later.


If you accidently click on a frame, your graphic will replace the current content. Use Edit > Undo, or the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Z (Windows)/Command+Z (Mac OS) to undo and see the loaded graphic icon again.

Press V to select the Selection tool (). Then drag the image so that it snaps into place at the top of the page and on the left side of the column gutter. The left edge of the graphic should fit snugly against the yellow bar of the title column, with no gap between them.



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