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Lesson 13. Using XML > Using XML snippets

Using XML snippets

A snippet is an XML file that is a full representation of InDesign content, including page items and any XML structure applied to those page items. A snippet lets you reuse the content, formatting, tags, and structure of a document. You can store snippets in an Object library, and place them in other documents. Use snippets to easily reuse objects—even those with complex formatting.

Choose Window > ski_brochure.indd to switch to the original document you worked on earlier in this lesson.

Choose the Selection tool (), and click anywhere on the document.

Choose View > Fit Page in Window.

Arrange your application window (Windows) or document window (Mac OS) so that you can see both your desktop and the InDesign layout.

Click to select the outline image of the snowboarder to the left of the headline. The outline of the skier and the arc across the top of the page all become selected, as they are part of a group.

Click and drag the two images and arc to the desktop of your computer. An icon appears on the desktop with a name that begins as Snippet. This XML snippet file includes all the information necessary to reproduce these images in another InDesign layout.

Choose Window > online_brochure.indd. If necessary, arrange your InDesign windows so that you can see both the snippet file you dragged to your desktop as well as the InDesign layout.

Click and drag the snippet file from your desktop onto your layout. The images and the arc are imported into the document.

Snippets retain the x and y coordinates of the original objects, making them perfect for objects that need to be reused in multiple versions of an identical document. In this case, we are using a different sized layout, so we’ll move the images.

Click and drag the outline image of the snowboarder and position it to the left of the Snow & Ski Report headline text.

Choose File > Save.

Congratulations. You have completed this lesson.



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