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Lesson 13. Using XML > Importing XML

Importing XML

Next you will open an existing InDesign layout that already includes XML tags, and you will import XML that was created in the previous exercise.

Choose File > Open, and open the 13_b.indd file in the Lesson_13 folder, on your hard disk.

Choose File > Save As, rename the file online_brochure.indd, and save it in the Lesson_13 folder.

Choose View > Structure > Show structure. The Structure pane is displayed.

In the Structure pane, click the triangle to the left of the Root tag. All the tags that have been applied to objects in this document are displayed.


The top-level structure of the online brochure matches the structure used in the original print layout.

Choose File > Import XML. The Import XML window opens.

In the Import XML window, choose Show XML Import Options and click to select the Merge Content radio button. Click to select the snow.xml file, then click the Open button. The XML Import Options window opens.

In the XML Import Options window, confirm the Mode drop-down menu is set to Merge content and deselect all the check boxes so that all the options are unchecked, and click OK. The XML is imported into the horizontal layout designed for on-screen viewing.

All the text and graphics which were tagged in the original document are flowed into their new layout. The text will be formatted in the next section of this lesson.



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