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Lesson 12. Printing and PDF Exporting > Creating an Adobe PDF proof

Creating an Adobe PDF proof

If your documents need to be reviewed by others, you can create Adobe PDF files easily and efficiently to share them. Adobe InDesign CS2 exports directly to the Adobe PDF file format.

Choose File > Export.

Choose Adobe PDF from the Save as type (Windows) or Format (Mac OS) drop-down menu, and for Save as (file name) enter proof. If necessary, navigate to the Lesson_12 folder, then click Save. The Export Adobe PDF window opens.

From the Adobe PDF Preset drop-down menu, choose [High Quality Print]. This setting creates PDF files suitable for output on an office laser printer.

From the Compatibility drop-down menu, choose Acrobat 6 (PDF 1.5). This allows you to use more advanced features in the PDF file, including layers.

In the Options section of the window, click to enable the following two options:

  • View PDF after Exporting.

  • Create Acrobat Layers.

Automatically viewing the PDF after exporting is an efficient way of checking the results of the file export process. The Create Acrobat Layers option coverts the layers from the InDesign CS2 layout into layers that can be viewed in the resulting Adobe PDF file.

Click the Export button.

An warning window is displayed, informing you that some objects in the layout are on hidden layers. Click OK to close this window. An Adobe PDF file is generated and displays on your monitor.

Review the Adobe PDF file, then return to Adobe InDesign CS2.



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