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Using Package

You can use the package command to gather a copy of your InDesign document, all linked items, including graphics. InDesign also copies all fonts needed for printing.

Choose File > Package.

Click Continue in the dialog box that warns of possible problems discovered during Preflight.

Whenever you Package a file, InDesign CS2 automatically uses the Preflight command to confirm that all elements are available and that there are no possible problems. Because you still have not corrected the RGB image, InDesign CS2 alerts you to its presence. You will convert this image to CMYK for printing using InDesign CS2 later in this lesson.

In the Printing Instructions window, enter the file name for the instructions file that will accompany the InDesign document and also enter your contact information, then click Continue.

Adobe InDesign uses this information to create an instructions text file that accompanies the InDesign file, links, and fonts. This can be used by the recipient of the file to better understand work you want done on the file, or how to contact you if they have questions.

In the Package Publication dialog box, browse to locate the Lesson_12 folder and confirm the folder being created for the package is named 12_brochure Folder. InDesign automatically names the folder based upon the document name, which you created in the Getting Started section of this lesson.

Confirm that the following are selected:

  • Copy Fonts.

  • Copy Linked Graphics.

  • Update Graphic Links In Package.

Click the Package button.

Read the Font Alert message that informs you about the various licensing restrictions that may affect your ability to copy fonts, then click OK.

Switch to your operating system and navigate to the 12_brochure Folder in the Lesson_12 folder (located inside the Lessons folder within the InDesignCIB folder on your hard disk).

Notice that Adobe InDesign created a duplicate version of your document and also copied all fonts, graphics, and other linked files necessary for high resolution printing. Because you selected the Update Graphics Links In Package, the duplicate InDesign file now links to the copied graphic files located in the package folder instead of the original linked files. This makes the document easier for a printer or service provider to manage, and also makes the package file ideal for archiving.

Close the 12_brochure Folder when finished viewing its contents.



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