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Lesson 8. Importing and Linking Graphics > Importing a Photoshop file and alpha...

Importing a Photoshop file and alpha channels

You imported the previous image using the Place command. This time, use an alternate method: You’ll simply drag a Photoshop image directly onto an InDesign spread. InDesign can use Photoshop paths and alpha channels directly—you don’t need to save the Photoshop file in a different file format. For more information see “To drag and drop graphics” in InDesign Help.

In the Layers palette, make sure that the Photos layer is selected so that the image will appear on that layer.

Go to page 2 of your document. Then resize and arrange your Explorer window (Windows), Finder window (Mac OS), and your InDesign windows, as needed, so that you can simultaneously see the list of files on the desktop and the InDesign document window. Make sure that the lower left quarter of page 2 in your document is visible.

In Explorer (Windows) or the Finder (Mac OS), open the Lesson_08 folder, which contains the file 08_d.psd file.

Drag the file 08_d.psd to page 2 in the InDesign document. Then use the Selection tool () to reposition the graphic so that it is in the lower left corner of the page.


When you place the file, be careful to drop it onto the white pasteboard. If you drop it in an object drawn using InDesign, it will be placed inside the object. If this happens, choose Edit > Undo, and try again.

If necessary, you can now maximize the InDesign window to its previous size, because you’ve finished importing the file.



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