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Lesson 8. Importing and Linking Graphics > Using Adobe Bridge to import graphic...

Using Adobe Bridge to import graphics

Adobe Bridge is a separate application which is installed with Adobe InDesign CS2. Bridge allows you to browse your local and networked computers for images and then place them into InDesign.

Choose File > Browse to launch Adobe Bridge.

In the upper left corner in the Favorites section is a list of the various locations you can browse for documents in Bridge. If you placed the Lesson_08 folder used for this chapter on your desktop, locate the folder and double-click on it to view the contents. If you placed the Lesson_08 folder in a different location, double-click on My Computer (PC) or Computer (Mac OS) and navigate to the Lesson_08 folder, double-click on the folder to view its contents.

Bridge allows you to view the thumbnails of all your images. Click once on the graphic named Leaf.psd to select it. Then click once on the file name to select the file name field. Rename the file 08_o.psd and press the Return key to commit the change. Renaming files directly in Bridge can be very useful.

If necessary, resize the Bridge window so the InDesign document is visible in the background, then click and drag the o8_o.psd file into the white pasteboard area of your document. Click once in the document to return to InDesign.

Position the leaf graphic in the upper right corner of page 3.

Click on the 08_j.psd file in the Links palette to select it. Then select the Go To Link button at the bottom of the Links palette. Right-click or Ctrl+click (Mac OS) on the graphic in the document and choose Graphics > Reveal in Bridge. You will switch from InDesign to Bridge and the 08_j.psd file will be selected.

Save the file.

Congratulations! You’ve created a CD booklet by importing, updating, and managing graphics from many different graphics file formats.



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