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Working with styles

Styles make it easy to apply repetitive formatting across an entire document. For example, to keep all headlines formatted consistently through your document, you can create a headline style that contains the necessary formatting attributes. Styles can save time when you apply and revise text formatting and can help provide a consistent look to your documents.

Applying a style

To make the appearance of the article consistent with the other articles in the newsletter, you will apply a paragraph style called Body Copy. We created this style for formatting the body text of the main articles in the newsletter.

Click the Paragraph Styles palette (or choose Window > Type & Tables > Paragraph Styles) to make the palette visible, if it is not already open.

The Paragraph Styles palette for this document now includes four styles: Body Copy, Head 1, Head 2, and Normal. The Normal style has a disk icon () next to it, indicating that the style was imported from a different application. In this case, Normal is a Microsoft Word style that was imported when you placed the article. You’ll now apply the InDesign style, Body Copy, to the text.


The Basic Paragraph style is the only paragraph style available when you first create a document with InDesign. You can create new styles or add styles from other InDesign documents. Styles are also added to InDesign documents when you import text with styles from Microsoft Word.

Using the Type tool (), click an insertion point anywhere in the main article you placed. Then choose Edit > Select All to select all the body text in the story. Notice that the sidebar text is not selected; this text belongs to a different story.

Once all the text is selected, select Body Copy in the Paragraph Styles palette.

Choose Edit > Deselect All. The article is now formatted in a different font, and the first line of each paragraph is now indented.

Before and after style is applied.

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