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Lesson 4. Importing and Editing Text > Creating text on a path

Creating text on a path

You can create type that flows along the edge of an open or closed path of any shape. For this lesson, you will draw a circle around the photograph of the skating girl on page 8, and then flow type around the circle.

Choose 8 from the Page pop-up menu at the bottom of the document window to turn to page 8.

Using the Selection tool (), click the elliptical frame that contains the photograph. Notice the center point of the graphic. You will use this center point to help you draw the circle.

Hold down the mouse on the Rectangle tool in the toolbox, and select the Ellipse tool ().

Click the Default Fill and Stroke button () near the bottom of the toolbox.

Holding down Alt+Shift (Windows) or Option+Shift (Mac OS), place the pointer over the center point of the graphic and drag outward to create a circle slightly larger than the photograph (about 20 picas, as shown in the Transform and Control palettes for W and H).

The Shift key constrains the shape to a circle; the Alt or Option key makes the center of the circle the starting point of your drawing so that you draw outward from the center.

Click and hold the mouse pointer over the Type tool in the toolbox, and then select the Path Type tool ().

Position the pointer over the upper left part of the circle until a small plus sign appears next to the pointer (), click and drag along the arc to the same relative position on the other side of the circle.

If you click an insertion point on a path, the range of type will extend along the entire path. If you drag, type will appear only along the length specified when you dragged.

In the Control palette, choose Adobe Caslon Pro as the font and set the size to 11pt. Type the following: Skating away on the thin ice of a brand new day…

Choose the Selection tool.


If you see a red plus sign (+) in the out port at the end of the text on the path, it indicates overset text. To display all the text on the path, you will adjust the path type’s start and end indicators, which are the blue lines that appear before and after the pasted text. Select the Direct Selection tool () and move it over the blue indicator at the beginning of the text path. When the Direct Selection pointer is properly positioned, it appears as a solid arrowhead with a small vertical line and an arrow (). Drag the start indicator line (not the in port) along the circle to the left. Then drag the end indicator line (not the out port) along the circle to the right until all the text appears.

Finishing up

To complete the newsletter, you will clean up the design on page 8 by removing the circle’s stroke.

Choose the Selection tool (), and then click the text on the path.

Select the Stroke box () in the toolbox, and then click the None button ().

Save the file.

Congratulations. You have finished the lesson.

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