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Lesson 4. Importing and Editing Text > Checking Spelling with other languages

Checking Spelling with other languages

The text in the “See it, then SKI it!” story on page 5 includes Spanish and Italian phrases. Before you check the spelling of the story, you will assign the appropriate language to each phrase. InDesign includes the ability to check the spelling and hyphenate text using multiple languages.

In the document window, turn to page 5. Change your view so that you can comfortably read the paragraph below the image in the right column.

In the paragraph in the right column beginning “William Johnson,” use the Type tool () to select “¡Yo tengo un cuaderno rojo!”

From the Character section of the Control palette, choose Spanish: Castilian from the Language menu on the right.

Assigning languages lets you check the spelling of a document more accurately and efficiently.


If you do not see the Spanish and other dictionaries on the Language menu, either your dictionaries have been deleted from your hard disk or your installation of InDesign did not include them. To install the dictionaries you need for this task, save your file, quit all programs, and insert the InDesign application CD into your computer’s CD-ROM drive. Open the CD and double-click the installation icon. Follow the on-screen instructions for a custom installation, specifying only the dictionaries. You do not need to reinstall the InDesign program; only the dictionaries need to be installed. Then reopen your 04_News.indd file and resume your work.

In the same paragraph, select “Sono il campione delmondo” (this is intentionally misspelled). In the Character palette, choose Italian from the Language menu.

The text may shift when you apply the language attribute. This occurs because hyphenation rules are different for each language.

Choose Edit > Spelling > Check Spelling...

For Search, choose Selection so you don’t have to check the spelling of the entire document.

Click Start. When “delmondo” is highlighted, select “del mondo” under Suggested Corrections, and then click Change. When you finish checking the spelling, click Done.

Save the file.

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